Eada Gabran June 21, 2019

Chronic pain can be one of the worst diagnosis that one can ever have. People with no chronic pain may never imagine the kind of pain these people go through. Imagine not having to enjoy a healthy life; you cannot sit, stand, or sleep comfortably, give your significant other or children your full attention. This can be devastating.

Chronic pain can make you change with time. It can make you crazy or be depressed. Physicians have ways to manage chronic pain; however, chronic pain is not something that heals faster; it takes time.  Some of the ways to manage chronic pain include surgery, physical therapy, and some pain medications. These chronic pain treatments have been there for the longest time because they are easily accessible, and they are cost effective.

Millions of people with chronic pain use CBD. CBD oil can reduce pain, inflammation, and any other discomfort caused as a result of health conditions. Cannabidiol oil is made from cannabis. It is a type of cannabinoid; a chemical found naturally in marijuana and hemp plants.  Studies have shown that CBD oil has the potential to manage chronic pains. It can offer an alternative for those who have chronic pain.

A review carried out in 2008 showed how good CBD works to relieve pain. The review looked at studies conducted from 1980 to 2007. Based on the review, researchers concluded that Cannabidiol oil was effective in overall pain management without extreme side effects. They also concluded that CBD oil was great in treating insomnia which is related to chronic pain

Researchers think that Cannabidiol interacts with the brain receptors and the immune system. Receptors are tiny proteins that are attached to the cells that receive chemical signals from different stimuli and help the cells to respond. This develops anti-inflammatory and painkilling effects that can help in managing pain.

Chronic pain affects your nerves. Patients with chronic pain tend to experience severe anxiety. In the past, physicians used to prescribe benzodiazepines to manage anxiety. Unfortunately, the combination of benzos and narcotics has increased overdose deaths. Patients who have used CBD has shown improvement in the anxiety level.

Chronic pain often leads to a feeling of hopelessness and despair. People with this condition normally wonder when the pain will ever end and even when they will get their lives back. There’s a great guide if you are interested in using Cannabidiol to manage your pain.

Chronic pain can change the brain and lay down the dysfunctional pathway. CBD oil promotes neuroplasticity and neurogenesis. Neurogenesis is the formation of new brain cells that develop into new pathways of thinking. If you are living with chronic pain, hemp is the best option for you. You can purchase CBD oil online or over the counter.