Eada Gabran June 20, 2018

One of the most popular procedures today when it comes to cosmetic surgeries is fat transferring. This is a very simple procedure, and if you are interested into getting yourself one, there are a couple of things that you should know.

One stone – two birds

Liposuction has been quite popular in the past, and while it still is, it usually solved only a single problem, which is removing fat deposits from a certain area of your body. With fat transfer, you can solve two problems at the same time by getting rid of fat in one area and moving it to another area where your body needs it.

For example, you can remove the fat from your thighs, and after it is purified, it can be used on your face in order to restore that youth which was taken away by hollow areas. Fat transfer to breasts in Melbourne at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne is one of the most popular ways to undergo a fat transfer procedure.

By transferring your fat to your breasts, you will avoid the silicone implantations which will usually give them that fake look. Since the fat being transferred to the breasts is all natural, it will look like your breasts have gotten bigger in a completely natural way.

You can make yourself slim and your breasts bigger with a single procedure

Works on a lot of areas on your face

While we already mentioned that it can take care of your hollow parts on the face, there are many different applications of this surgical procedure. You can easily smoothen out the area under the eyes, strengthen your receding chin, smooth various facial creases, and a lot more.

Of course, if you are someone who prefers to use non-surgical methods when your face is involved, such solutions exist as well. One of the best procedures today which is non-surgical is Ultherapy. This is procedure that is done with ultrasound, and the way it affects the body is quite interesting.

Ultherapy will make the body generate some chemicals within it completely naturally as the reaction to ultrasound, and it will tighten the areas the ultrasound is applied to. The best part about this is that unlike the surgery, this only takes around 60-90 minutes, and there is no recovery or downtime at all.

If you are interested in getting this procedure, you can get an ulthera facelift in Melbourne at a place like Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne who were previously mentioned in the liposuction section. You should know that this procedure is also very cost effective as it will not require you to purchase any medications.

Make your face smooth again with a simple procedure

How long do these procedures last?

When it comes to ultherapy, the results will be around for a very long time until the skin simply ages again, which you will be able to fix with another ultherapy treatment that will probably last you for the rest of your life.

However, that is not the case when it comes to fat transferring. With this surgical procedure, you will be able to enjoy your results for a lifetime if you plan to keep your body in the shape that it is. This means that you will be able to make the newly fattened areas skinnier, and the skinnier areas fat gain with proper diet and workout.

Final Word

The technology within the medical fields has advanced quite a lot, and today there are all kinds of other procedures that you can use in order to make your body look exactly like you want to. However, be careful to not overdo it, as everyone’s body has some limits when it comes to drastic changes.