Eada Gabran July 27, 2018

One of my friends, Sam who has shortly recovered from an accident and joined office was suffering a lot from the sleepiness all through the day. The habit of resting all the time after the accident and heavy dose of medications has made him a bit lazy and feeling tired all the time, especially during the day time. Dealing with the official chores has become difficult at a point when he suddenly fell down the ground and went unconscious. We, the colleagues cum his friends could not see him going through all this. Everyone was realizing that the trauma is not over yet and his condition is deteriorating after the accident.

What doctor said?

We took Sam to the physician immediately with side by side informing his family about his medical condition and ask them to bring over his all previous prescriptions and documents. When you are visiting the doctor initially, it is always better to take your all previous prescriptions related to your health condition or if anything serious happened to you like an accident or a prolonged illness.

The doctor examined Sam thoroughly and informed us that it is just a mild unconsciousness due to stress and anxiety as he stepped into the office after a long break due to severe accident. He checked through the previous prescriptions about the antibiotics Sam is still taking on and added a regular dose of Modafinil to it for a couple of days. The doctor advised that if he feels good within a week, he should stop taking such a medicine then. We further let Sam go home with his family and take rest.

How it affected actually?

The next morning was absolutely fantastic, when we hardly recognize any sign of laziness, anxiety or depression over Sam’s head. He was feeling pretty well that day and all other days following that. He really felt that it was really significant to buy modafinil that makes him cheerful all the day. He took the medicine regularly as prescribed by the doctor along with the diet and exercise related measures that have been told and really found the difference.

He really felt that modafinil is a supportive medication to reduce level of fatigue, improve his memory, increase mood and improve functioning of his brain, instead of making him feel sleep-deprived any more. The affect can be visible from the day one itself when I realized how cheerful and bonded my friend has been the whole day with the work, with colleagues and with himself.

Though, our boss asked him to take rest for a few more days if he doesn’t feel well. He refused to do so saying, “I got what I wanted. Now I got the true medication and it is making me regain my life.”

I searched on Google about the information on buying Modafinil online and read about the medicine and it affects. Thank god, it worked so well. My friend is happily living and working in his life and we all again and again thank god for getting him well so soon.


This post is based on the real experiences and the importance of modafinil medication for a concerned one. Here you get to know how this medicine can affect a human body and mind to recover from the huge trauma with providing a true help.