Eada Gabran April 2, 2018

The premature ejaculation affects thousands of men around the world. But the reality indicates that the problem affects the men as well as their partners in very negative ways.

It is estimated that around 40% of men in the world suffer from this sexual dysfunction, and the age range is wide, including men over 60 who suffer from this dysfunction.

The premature ejaculation brings about the consequent frustration in men, depression, fear, low self – esteem and rejection by their partner. It is worth noting that men who suffer from this sexual dysfunction are prone to fail in their relationships. And this is because the couple does not assume this sexual dysfunction as a relationship of two, and the lack of understanding and companionship arises.

How Does This Happen?

The premature ejaculation occurs in man when he is unable to maintain full control of your ejaculation to reach the moment of climax. Usually, this is due to excessive anxiety that man cannot handle. In addition, it has both organic and psychological causes.

The man when beginning his sexual awakening is very common that in his first relations have fast ejaculations. As you gain sexual experience, you begin to feel more secure and control your ejaculations.

Among the psychological causes that can lead to premature ejaculation is anxiety, fear of failing as a lover and guilt. When men experience successive failures in their sexual relationships, low self-esteem, and anxiety increase, affecting the man and his partner seriously.

Added to the psychological causes, there may be organic causes that lead to premature ejaculation. Diseases such as thyroiditis, reaction to certain drugs, prostatitis, neurological problems, in coexistence with psychological problems, can cause this sexual dysfunction.

How to Overcome

In overcoming this sexual dysfunction, the role played by the couple is very important. Understanding, dialogue and a positive attitude and encouragement when having sex are vital. And in case of persisting the problem, it is advisable to consult with a professional in the field.

There are still many men who do not come to consult with a sexologist to solve the problem, whether by shame or prejudice and most of those men solve their problem with Priligy Australia. However, the number of men accompanied by their partners who consult the professional has increased. And this is due to the fact that cultural growth has been evidenced, and societies have become aware that problems such as premature ejaculation affect not only the man but his partner and the relationship of both.